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What is Everal Circle?
Everal Circle is a club for those looking for personal growth and inspiration in the world of contemporary art. We do not just share knowledge about contemporary art, but encourage you to apply it and give you the way to do it. Our development sessions will help you to discover exciting new acquaintances. You will meet the insiders of art-world and find new ways to jumpstart your projects.
We blend together the love for art and travel. Everal Circle experts are local curators, gallerists and art-critics offering you insights from the world of contemporary art.
They will not only show you the city where they live, but also get you acquainted with its art-scene in the most significant cultural venues.

Our services
We offer you the following services:
  • Planning of art-tours for companies and individual customers;
  • Introductory lectures about the situation on the art-market by Everal Circle experts;
  • Sightseeing tours thoroughly guided by Everal Circle experts at every location of the tour;
  • Tickets to fairs, exhibitions and museums (depends on the plan of your tour)
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